Archive Gallery
A Selection of Past Paintings, Most of them in Private Collections
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"Virginia City Winter SOLD"

"Ruby Mountains SOLD"

"High Sierra Trail SOLD"

"Relics of the Old West SOLD"

"San Gabriel Mountain Light SOLD"

"Alabama Hills- Lone Pine SOLD"

"Bishop Fall SOLD"

"Spring Morning SOLD"

"Spring in Lone Pine SOLD"

"Garnet Lake SOLD"

"Timeless Procession- Antelope Valley SOLD "

"Stubborn as a... SOLD"

"Ojai Orchards SOLD"

"San Gabriel Mountains Sunset SOLD"

"Kearsarge Pass SOLD"

"Autumn Patterns SOLD"

"Big Sur Spring SOLD"

"Sierra Waters- First Lake SOLD"

"High Desert Twilight SOLD"

"Desert relic SOLD"

"Twilight Fireworks SOLD"

"A Small Piece of a Very Big Place SOLD"

"Sierra Cathedral in Morning Light SOLD"

"Utah Shapes and Patterns SOLD"

"High Desert Spring SOLD"

"Sierra Gothic SOLD"

"Pasadena Spring SOLD"

"Palos Verdes Gold SOLD"

"Blue Lake Atmosphere SOLD"

"Morning Spring Light, Eaton Canyon SOLD"

"Twilight Shadows on the San Gabriels SOLD"

"Watchful Giant- San Gabriel Mountains SOLD"

"View to Pasadena SOLD"

"Moonlight Lake Afternoon SOLD"

"Sierra Patterns SOLD"

"Winter Morning- Virginia City SOLD"

"View to the Range of Light SOLD"

"Distant Zion SOLD"

"Sierra Autumn SOLD"

"From Here to There- Burr Trail SOLD"

"Sunset Light, Big Sur SOLD"

"AbaloneCountry- North Coast SOLD"

"The New, the Old, and the Ancient SOLD"

"Desert Rain on a Lonely Road SOLD"

"High Desert Winter SOLD"

"Camp View Ediza Lake SOLD"

"Nevada Dust Devil SOLD"

"Virginia City Overlook SOLD"

"Valley Cottonwoods SOLD"

"Sunset on the Inyo Range SOLD"

"High Sierra Meadow SOLD"

"San Gabriel Overlook SOLD"

"Friends in the Distance SOLD"

"In the Heart of Eaton Canyon SOLD"

"Layers of Colors and Time SOLD"

"Coral Colors, Pasadena SOLD"

"Eaton Canyon Greens SOLD"

"Sierra Classic SOLD"

"Summer in the High Sierra SOLD"

"Fire in a Winter Sky SOLD"

"Late Summer Storm SOLD"

"Relentless Pacific SOLD"

"Yosemite Spring SOLD"


"Sierra Summer Storm SOLD"

"Catalina Harbor Afternoon SOLD"

"Pasadena SOLD"

"Oak Sentinel- Irvine Ranch SOLD"

"Poppies and Sage SOLD"

"Morning in the Rose Garden SOLD"

"Round Valley Spring SOLD"

"Mt. Ritter SOLD"

"Bodie, Late Spring GABRIE SHOW SOLD"

"Overlooking Ojai SOLD"

"Parker Lake Waters SOLD"

"February Shadows SOLD"

"Welcoming Winter SOLD"

"Winter Patterns SOLD"

"Eucalyptus Interior SOLD"

"Classic Markleeville SOLD"

"Ojai Valley Sunrise SOLD"

"Bend in the River SOLD"

"In the Land of Giants SOLD"

"Clouds over Mount Carmel SOLD"

"Albion Basin Beauty SOLD"

"Tejon Canyon Colors SOLD"

"Spring Celebration SOLD"

"Sierra Icon SOLD"

"Golden Hills of Tejon SOLD"

"Winter Sunset SOLD"

"Ediza Lake Summer SOLD"

"Spring Morning- Eaton Canyon SOLD"

"Avalon Morning SOLD"

"Oak Ridges of Tejon SOLD"

"Aspen Cathedral SOLD"

"Spring in the Sierra Foothills SOLD"

"Winter Orchestration- Markleeville Coda SOLD

"High Plains Autumn SOLD"

"Sierra Patterns SOLD"

"Pasadena Shapes and Colors SOLD"

"Last Light- Markleeville Winter SOLD"

"Shark Harbor SOLD"

"Above the Yacht Club SOLD"

"Sierra Backcountry SOLD"

"Zion SOLD"

"Zion Monolith SOLD"

"Antelope Valley Pastoral SOLD"

"Ojai Valley Patterns SOLD"

"Whitney Range SOLD"

"Tejon Lupines SOLD"

"Mt. Ritter Dawn SOLD"

"Winter Shapes SOLD"

"Eucalyptus and Poppies SOLD

"Inyo Range SOLD"

"December Morning SOLD"

"Evening Light- Eaton Canyon SOLD"

"Spring in Zion SOLD"

"Carson Valley Sunrise SOLD"

"Late Fall- Charity Valley SOLD"

"Above Iceberg Lake SOLD"

"Autumn Colors SOLD"

"Pinenut Mountains Sunset SOLD"

"Markleeville Spring SOLD"

"Monument Valley Colors SOLD"

"View to Mt Carmel SOLD"

"Cloud Colors SOLD"

"Summer Storm, Vermillion Cliffs SOLD"

"Spring Morning in Markleeville SOLD"

"Study of Iceberg Lake Waters SOLD"

"Winter Morning Light SOLD"

"Los Padres Spring SOLD"

"Lupine Field SOLD"

"Oak, Lupine, and ShadowSOLD"

"Spring Blossoms SOLD"

"Snow Colors SOLD"

"Autumn Oaks SOLD"

"Autumn Overlook SOLD"

"Afternoon Light on Temple Crag SOLD"

"Iceberg Lake Waters SOLD"

"Eaton Canyon Light SOLD"

"High Sierra SOLD"

"Morning Shadows SOLD"

"Crystal Cove Arrangement SOLD"

"Laguna Meditations SOLD"

"Sierra Twilight SOLD"

"The Sentinel SOLD"

"Barracks Canyon Wash SOLD"

"Utah Color and Atmosphere SOLD"

"Eucalyptus Grove SOLD"

"From the Foothills to the Sierra SOLD"

"Ten Year BloomSOLD"

"Owens Valley Spring SOLD"

"Malibu Canyon Road SOLD"

"Woods Creek Spring SOLD"

"Winter Cloak SOLD"

"January Evening"

"Banner Peak Sunrise SOLD"

"Markleeville Creek Autumn SOLD"

"Mirror Lake SOLD"

"Serpentine Colors SOLD"

"Crystal Cove Patterns SOLD"

"Telluride Alley Twilight SOLD"

"Light and Cloud Shadow SOLD"

"Orderville Road SOLD"

"Greenstone Lake SOLD"

"Inyo County SOLD"

"Open Space SOLD"

"Early Spring Oaks SOLD"

"In the Company of Giants SOLD"

"Grey Morning Fire SOLD"

"First Real Freeze SOLD"

"Greenstone Lake Study SOLD"

"Alley to the Ocean SOLD"

"Fall Fishin SOLD"

"South Coast Morning SOLD"

"Clouds and Golden Mesas SOLD"

"Lone Pine SOLD"

"Morning Light in the Alley SOLD"

"Up, Up, and Away SOLD"

"Buttermilk Country SOLD"

"Jackson Street SOLD"

"Oustide of Lone Pine SOLD"

"Spring Tones SOLD"

"First Day of Spring SOLD"

"Markleeville Winter Morning SOLD"

"Markleeville Winter SOLD"

"Leah SOLD"

"Dixons View SOLD"

"Moving Through Dappled Light SOLD"

"Movalli in the Garden SOLD"

"West Carson Spring SOLD"

"Digging Out SOLD"

"Afternoon Winter Light SOLD"

"Early Morning Winter Stream SOLD"

"Winter Coat SOLD"

"Pacific Coast SOLD"

"Markleeville Snow Storm SOLD"

"Imagination Tree SOLD"

"Avila Valley Barn SOLD"

"Sunday Morning Strumming SOLD"

"Falls Palette SOLD"

"Silver Morning Light SOLD"

"Above the East Shore SOLD"

"On a Cold Winter Morning SOLD"

"Along a Frozen Creek SOLD"

"Last Leaves of Fall SOLD"

"Last Light Laguna SOLD "

"Beneath a Southern California Sun SOLD"

"Bob Jacksons House SOLD "

"A Winters Day SOLD"

"The End of Autumn SOLD"

"In Dreams SOLD"

"General Store SOLD"

"Amber SOLD"

"Moon Over Markleeville SOLD"

"Autumn SOLD"

"October on the West Fork SOLD"

"Dappled Light SOLD"

"In Pursuit of the Light SOLD"

"Mission Light SOLD"

"The Cooling Waters SOLD"

"The Fishin Hole SOLD"

"Fire Light SOLD"

"Seeking Counsel SOLD"